About us

We are creating the biggest online shopping boulevard of Europe. To get there, we are changing the way e-commerce marketers think and work by making use of big data and powerful AI. That way, we are building the most efficient agency possible and we don’t do anything else than adding value. This makes our work fun and our brands smile. Win’s on both sides.

Our culture


We are innovative in every way but in terms of culture we would like to say we love the old-fashioned way, where there is space and time to get connected and build friendships.


We don’t like losing. Whether it’s a game at the office or having our brands succeed: when we say yes, we win.

Keep on learning

The world is moving faster than ever, so the biggest lack is time. That’s why we keep on being inspired by only the best and try to learn from them.


We love getting inspired, but love to inspire as well. When getting to know us, you will probably agree.


We believe in your success. Which means if we think we can’t help you, we are honest about that.

Want to join our party?

We are something different, we are something new, we are something you will be surprised off. We are on the mission to become Europe’s greatest digital marketing agency for Shopify Brands.

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