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It’s no secret that AI is taking over the online marketing world. AI can do things that humans just can’t, like processing large quantities of information and making decisions in fractions of a second. AI has taken over many facets of online marketing, but there are still some tasks where AI needs human help to be successful. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why we integrate AI in our workflow.

What is AI?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is the next step in evolution. AI has been something that humans have dreamed of for years and not until recently did we see any real advancements in AI technology. AI works by using computer software to analyze data and then make decisions based on this information instead of a human making these choices. 

One example of AI would be our AI: BillyGrace®. BillyGrace® is our AI that is able to analyze, forecast and optimize campaigns. AI is very similar to humans because it can learn from previous actions.

Why we use AI

Here at CroudX we value quality time with our customers. That is why we are against the repetition of tasks. if a task is continuously being repeated, means that it can be automated. Therefore we would like to introduce you to our newest member of the family: BillyGrace, Our AI. 

Since BillyGrace® is among our ranks, we are able to maximize our/your performance and win time, thanks to his superior brain being able to automate these tasks. Here at CroudX we use the gained time to brainstorm together with you! (our clients). Resulting in creative ideas and productive working relationships that are able to accelerate shopify brands.

BillyGrace® analyzes: historic and current data to forecast beneficial predictions. These predictions are not solely based on company data, but BillyGrace® is also able to combine for example weather forecasts, Specific Keywords and Trends to make these predictions even more valuable. These forecasts will optimize your marketing campaigns and will save you up to 20% of the ad spend. A human brain is not able to process large quantities of information in split seconds, luckily BillyGrace® has been doing this for a while.

BillyGrace® likes to work with humans

– BillyGrace® needs human guidance. He learns through machine learning algorithms which are basically AI’s way of interpreting data. BillyGrace® can interpret data on its own, but it requires more time to process the information and AI is not perfect. Even Though BillyGrace® comes pretty close.

– BillyGrace still needs human input. Another reason why AI cannot fully replace humans in marketing is that some tasks are better performed by humans, because AI does not have empathy and AI cannot think outside the box. That is where we come in!

The Result

One AI to rule them all! CroudX uses BillyGrace® as a tool but always in a human-centered way. It is not about replacing humans with machines; it’s about making the work more efficient and effective with AI technology.

BillyGrace® our AI technology allows us to maximize your marketing performances while keeping in touch with clients thanks to our human marketing team. You can focus on what matters: building a better business.

BillyGrace® is a powerful tool that allows us to let our clients grow exponentially and scale up their brands, until the sky is no longer the limit. The sky isn’t even close!

BillyGrace® is our first step to discover new possibilities and opportunities. BillyGrace can deliver more sales, better ROI on marketing campaigns but also help you with customer service or order fulfilment. BillyGrace® is able to Optimize one fifth of your marketing spend, Can you imagine having an ad spend of 20k a month? That means you can already save up to 4k a month!

CroudX and BillyGrace are together a family of e-commerce experts and we are eager to get your brand to the next level! 

It’s all about AI! Discover how BillyGrace® can be of great use for your online shop business by contacting us today!

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