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Advertising on social media is an important component of e-commerce and can have a huge impact on your revenue. By collecting and analyzing user data, marketers and businesses can deploy targeted campaigns to create personalized offers for consumers. 

With the new IOS updates and the end of third-party cookies on the horizon, many business owners are seeing a decline in the effectiveness of their social campaigns. Data tracking is becoming increasingly difficult, making the collection of consumer data even more complicated. This results in less targeted and personalized ads, and thus a decrease in the effectiveness of online marketing efforts.

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“Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, there are endless possibilities, but how do you choose the right strategy? I'd love to tell you more about it.”

Niels van der PoelSenior Digital Marketing Consultant


Social media advertising offers the opportunity to reach and activate your desired audience by targeting specific groups of people. By segmenting based on interests, demographics, or gender, you increase the chance of building effective campaigns. Combined with our disruptive AI marketing platform, Billy Grace, this results in campaigns that render.

Actionable points

List of fast to implement action points based on the output of the audit.

Increase revenue

85% of companies that fail an audit miss out on revenue

Clear strategies

A clear advertising strategy based on data


Advertising on social media consists of different parts that can be seen as complementary to each other or approached separately. Through a no-obligation audit, we can gain insight into where the needs lie for your organization and thus improve its performance.

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Our roadmap


Getting acquainted

We think it's important to get to know each other, both the brand and the people behind it. This is the basis of a good partnership.

Analyzing & Strategy

We check, compare and improve your channels. We do this with the help of data and comparing best practices in the market.


Our proposal is based on the points that emerged from previous conversations and the conducted audit, which together form a case. This gives us the opportunity to make offers tailored to your needs.

Daily Execution

We’ll be working on growing your store on a daily basis. Our senior specialists combined with our AI marketing software will result in maximum ROI.

Customer Success

We lift heavy on collaborating. During monthly calls, we go through the results, the new action points, and what we observe, together with you.

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