Data Automation & Analytics

Data plays an undeniably important role in the success of e-commerce businesses and does not seem to be going to decrease in importance any time soon. By processing data in the right way, in-depth insights can be compiled that contribute to the success of your business. Yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to collect and process data in the right way.

Due to privacy regulations, increasing consumer awareness, and the recent IOS update, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain reliable data. This leads to incorrect data and distorted statistics. Curious how to gain insights that provide advantages?

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“Since new privacy, regulatory regulations, and IOS tracking updates, data is muddled and often inaccurate. By combining data from different sources, we have clean data to scale your business.”

Tjadi PeetersHead of Data Science


Our unique data approach provides the opportunity for in-depth analysis and insights. Not only on campaign level but also at product and customer level. Enabling your business to make decisions based on reliable data.

Enriching analyses

In-depth insights on different levels


Drive your strategy through data

Correct data

Correct and uncontaminated data through our proprietary marketing software

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We think it's important to get to know each other, both the brand and the people behind it. This is the basis of a good partnership.

Analyzing & Strategy

We check, compare and improve your channels. We do this with the help of data and comparing best practices in the market.


Our proposal is based on the points that emerged from previous conversations and the conducted audit, which together form a case. This gives us the opportunity to make offers tailored to your needs.

Daily Execution

We’ll be working on growing your store on a daily basis. Our senior specialists combined with our AI marketing software will result in maximum ROI.

Customer Success

We lift heavy on collaborating. During monthly calls, we go through the results, the new action points, and what we observe, together with you.

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  • A dedicated and specialized team of senior marketers
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