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How we work

We don’t just follow orders, but also think creatively alongside your e-commerce journey. Combining data, experience and customer success is what gets us the most out of our collaboration. Your growth is our success. Hire a fully specialized digital marketing team to skyrocket your Shopify brand.

Our process


Before telling you what we can do, we would like to really get to know you. We want to know your current status, industry, competitors, target audience, tone of voice, objectives, etc. Every brand has its own vision, mission and purpose. That means every brand is built on unique strategies and we want to reflect on those strategies to create award-winning customer journeys.


As a result of our big partner network, we are always up to date with the newest features in the online marketing environment. You have to keep tweaking, testing and innovating your channels to go along with these updates so you are not wasting your ad spend. Combining that knowledge with our omnichannel experience, we make an exclusive audit on how we can accelerate your brand in the short and long term. And we promise you: we always find a lot of optimizations. 


After onboarding and auditing your brand, we have a clear view on how CroudX can help you accelerate. We will send you a proposal and go through it together to discuss all the things we noticed in the audit, as well as share our strategy on the steps we would like to take.


GO! In the setup phase we will bring your brand to a whole new level. We will cover all the things from the audit and install our proven innovative data and AI systems to get you totally ready for exponential growth.


This is the moment that our team of specialists from CroudX will work on your brand on a daily basis. By implementing proven systems and data-driven strategies, we can constantly adjust budgets, bids, titles, keywords, conversion paths, content, targeting, images and so on. It’s an immense challenge to work on, but we know how to get the job done.

Customer Success & Strategy

We don’t believe in reports that are disappearing in the bottom of your drawer. Instead, we have repetitive performance calls with you to go through the results and strategies. In those meetings, we’ll discuss our findings and next steps to scale your brand to the moon. On the other hand, we are also curious about what’s happening on your side to make the right decisions. We see marketing as one of the cores of your business, so it’s very important that everything is aligned.

“Working with CroudX is a smooth, fast and pleasant collaboration. It’s an agency with experience and professional guidance that really feels you. No shitty talks, but results: Our turnover has grown by 251% after we started with CroudX. I can heartily recommend them.”

Our blog

We are here to take Shopify e-commerce brands to the next decade. We deliver high-impact digital marketing services in a data-driven strategy to thrive maximum ROI. It’s time to accelerate.

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