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The annual social media study is here, and this year it is again full of surprises! Newcom has carried out this study. Many platforms have seen increased users this year and have increased daily usage. Also, we have been more active on our social media’s. This blog will lay out the exciting conclusions this study has presented us.

We use more social media platforms.

It is interesting to see that we use more social media platforms. Especially the age groups between 15-19 years old & 20-39 years old

Small disclaimer, though, they have only taken the platforms into account that was also available in 2020 & 2021. This year, they counted 11 platforms, which was more than previous years!

Our national average was 4,2 platforms which is significantly more than previous years (2020: 3,7; 2021: 3,9).


We are more active and spend more time.

We have been using social media more daily, 107 minutes on average. We spend ten minutes more a day on social media than the previous year.

But if we look at the age groups that use social media the most: the users between 15 and 19 years old spend 156 minutes a day on average. What is interesting to see is that this is four minutes less than last year!

People between 20-39 years old have been using social media more intensively than any other age group. This year they spent 138 minutes on social media compared to last year, 27 minutes longer a day.


Which platforms have grown the most?

Tiktok has been in this research since 2020 and has grown the most. And gained 75% more users compared to 2021! In 2022 Tiktok had 3 million Dutch users, which was 1,7 million in 2021. 

Other honourable mentions are Twitter and Snapchat. Snapchat has grown 23%, and Twitter has grown 22%. Which is a lot; they both gained around 600.000 users.

If we look at the top five largest social media platforms in The Netherlands, then In terms of percentage, is Instagram, the big winner. They have grown 11%, while the other four have increased by 1%. 

Facebook is losing users; they have lost 1% of their users, this might look like not a lot, but Facebook has 10,3 million users in The Netherlands, which means they have lost 87.000 users within a year.


The most daily used platforms

TikTok and Youtube have the most daily users compared to last year. TikTok has 1,6 million daily users, which is an increase of 91%. That is an insane amount of users! But that is nothing compared to YouTube

Since Youtube is a more prominent platform because it has been around for a long time, they have in terms of percentage the most daily users. They have increased by 11% (An increase of 424.000 daily users), and in total, they have 3,5 million users.

Facebook has been losing daily users! In the previous paragraph, we saw that they have been losing users in general. Their daily users have decreased by 6%, which translates to a loss of 421.000 daily users! The loss of daily users could be because of the rising popularity of Instagram.


The rise of the smaller platforms!

There is a larger group of smaller platforms that are actually not that small! You must have heard about some of them, for example, Telegram. 10% of the Dutch population that is 15 years old or older use this platform.

There is also Discord (1.4 million users) and Twitch (1.1 million users), which is very popular among gamers. Twitch is a streaming platform, and Discord is a VoIP program used as a social hub to talk to each other. They are not your usual type of text-and-swipe platforms.

Reddit is worldwide very popular, with daily 52 million active users. It is a large platform that houses millions of users and 138.000 active communities (forums)! In The Netherlands, it has 1.1 million users and 353.000 daily users.


In conclusion

This year we have been using more social media, spending more time on it, and we have become more active on them!

We look forward to next years results! TikTok will probably skyrocket even more. Also, we are very curious about new platforms coming up out of the blue! 

Discord and Reddit are relatively small in the Netherlands, but we look forward to how marketing will evolve around those platforms! Since both platforms have small communities with their own interest! 

With the decline of third party data segmenting and tracking audiences has become more challenging. But since those communities attract people with the same interests, they are segmenting themselves, which will be very valuable in the future!

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Till next time!


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