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What we do?

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We’re revolutionizing the digital marketing industry by combining AI technology and human expertise. Through this partnership we gain a holistic and innovative view of our brands, enabling us to work towards results more efficiently and effectively, whilst maintaining a collaborative nature.


Digital marketing is more than just running ads. At CroudX, we believe in taking a full-funnel approach to our brands. By combining the power of AI & ML, we deliver data solutions that enable accurate tracking, data-driven attribution, unbiased data and push beyond the challenges of iOS, 3rd party cookies and other privacy regulations. Allows us to create innovative digital strategies on a new base.


At CroudX, we know that a strong brand requires a solid foundation and takes time. That’s why we prioritize building a strong foundation from the outset to enable long-term, sustainable growth. Our unique approach and metrics establish clear goals and missions, based on correct and unbiased data. Making sure our decisions drive impact, rather than just change.

Digital Marketing

Our team of experienced specialists is committed to maximizing the quality and effectiveness of our digital marketing services. Whether it’s SEA, Social, SEO, CRO, Email, or Content, through our unique data approach and use of our AI software, we make sure to get the highest ROI on your marketing dollar.

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