What we do

We deliver high-impact digital marketing services to realize exponential long-term growth for Shopify e-commerce brands. The online world is moving faster than ever and that’s why we choose our battles. We don’t do anything else than guiding our brands to exponential digital growth in a data-driven way. Get ready for the ninth gear.



We are building the bridge between branding and performance and are constantly learning from all our brands. That way, we can use data-driven systems to make informed decisions in your e-commerce strategy.


Creating award-winning ROAS strategies is driving us crazy. We use keywords and audiences to bring your products in the spotlights of search, display, shopping and video and get the most out of every euro you spend.

Social Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIN, Reddit. The possibilities are endless and our team is well experienced in all platforms. We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you and create the best strategy together.


SEO still has the highest ROI of any e-commerce marketing campaign, and it’s focused on the long-term. We combine quality content, link building and technical adjustments to get your Shopify brand high-converting traffic on keywords your audience is looking for.

Data & Analytics

Data first, everything else is an opinion. That's what we truly believe in. We use data-driven strategies to accelerate Shopify brands. Our own built dashboards and AI systems are helping us to make the right decisions at the right time. You will be amazed!


The advanced platforms such as Amazon, Bol.com, Marktplaats and Beslist are getting bigger and bigger every year. We know all the strategies to position you the right way within these platforms to stay ahead of the competition.

Email marketing

Building everlasting customer relationships by sending highly effective emails is one of the no-brainers in a digital marketing strategy. We make sure your customers will come back more and buy more. That sounds great right?


If you have enough data, you are ready for the next step. We can use your customer data to personalize the whole digital marketing funnel, from awareness to engagement. Not only your brand experience will increase massively, but also your conversion rate will be sky high.

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